July 27, 2018
11 days left
until our celebration.
2015 McAlpine Pierce Reunion
2015 McAlpine Pierce Reunion
Building Bridges
You’re Invited To The 2018 McAlpine/Pierce Family Reunion
Date:            July 27, 28 & 29, 2018
Dear Family Member,
We are the descendants of James and Lucy Lockett Pierce born in slavery in 1846.  We are proud descendants of their children: Martha A., Frank, Ida, Martin Luther (b1876), John B (b1879), Joseph (b1881), Alfred (b1884), Rosina (b1886) and Nathaniel (b1891). The reason why we call this occasion the Pierce /McAlpine Family reunion is because Alfred’s daughter Eva married William “Daddy Jack” McAlpine and the Pierce and McAlpine families in Connecticut were raised as one family of cousins.  Many celebrations and holidays were held at ‘Aunt Eva and Uncle Jack’s” house at 43 Townsend Street in New Haven. As we grew as a family, we connected with our cousins’ children and grand children of Martin Luther, Joe, Alfred, John and Nathaniel and the children of William McAlpine and his 1st and 2nd wives, Elizabeth Moore ( Julia Bell) and Bessie Jenkins (William and Joseph) .  Our families became one big family.  
Today, we have cousins in Washington, D.C., Connecticut, New York, Virginia, California, Texas, Maryland. Missouri, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and other states who do not know each other.  We are descendants of people who survived slave ships, slavery, Reconstruction, Jim Crow laws, racism, bigotry, the Great Depression and civil rights battles of the 1960s.  During these perilous times, we need to know one another for familial ties, support, social networking and to acknowledge that we are a strong African American family.
That is why you are invited to the McAlpine/Pierce Family Reunion.
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